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Do you skip the idea of wearing a stunning saree because it's challenging to drape?

We understand that wearing a saree can be difficult. You're not going to miss out on all the fun! We've found some easy ways to wear your favourite saree.

A saree is one of the oldest and most graceful attire of women. It graciously falls over the entire female body showing off curves in the most elegant way. For many, yet, wearing a saree seems too tedious. But in contrast, it's about fine-tuning the whole ensemble. Draping it with the proper steps and securing it wherever required can make wearing a saree a piece of cake.

So, here are four quick and easy steps to drape a saree as a beginner.

To make any reluctant saree wearer wear it.

Before starting, gather all the essentials, including -Safety pins, blouse, petticoat/shapewear, and the saree.

Now let's begin,


Step 1

Step 2

Take another end of the saree, and create vertical pleats 5 to 6 inches long. That would be the pallu of your saree. If you want a free pallu (without pleats), keep this section as it is over the shoulder. Once done pleating, take the pallu around your body and place it on your shoulder. Make sure the pallu falls to the back of your knees. Secure the pallu with safety pins to keep it intact.

Step 3

After pleating the pallu:

A. Take the remaining end from the front part of the saree.

B. Tuck it on the opposite side.

C. Take another part from the same end, and pleat it for a curvy fitted look. This trick would help you secure the waist without feeling clumsy or loaded with fabric in the front.

Step 4

For the front of the saree, create 5 to 8 pleats with the remaining fabric roughly the size of a hand. Continue till you cover the entire remaining fabric. Once done, secure the pleats with a pin and tuck them inside your belly. The pleats should fall right below your navel.

Final Look

Voila! You have draped a Saree with a few tucking, pleating and draping.

Wearing a saree for the first few times can be daunting. But these easy methods will assist you in doing so fashionably. Yet, the key to pulling off any saree look is feeling joyful and at ease in your clothing. Did you find these easy saree draping steps helpful?

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