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If you give a man a good game, he will be happy. For years, the common notion has been that giving women a gift they genuinely like is difficult. Most women will tell you that it is not the case. Can we all agree that one of the best things you can gift a woman is love and genuine efforts to make her happy? But if you did not put in the effort, there are always options to help you make up for it. Women and fashion are synonymous. Let us not deny it. You could look for a top that fits her best or a jacket she will definitely like. Sounds complicated? Psst! Allow me to let you in on a secret. Turn to a classic and timeless piece of fashion – a saree! Surprised, are you? Well, it might seem like an odd choice. But we present six reasons why a saree is the best gift for a modern woman now more than ever. 



Traditionally, sarees were made using cotton or silk and were sustainable for all seasons. So, no matter the weather, it was always the appropriate choice. Since a saree is simply a long garment, there are multiple ways to style it. You can mix and match jewellery or try different drapes. There is always something new you could try with sarees. 



Our closet needs to confine clothes for occasions of every scale. That sounds daunting, but a saree could lift the load. A saree can be the blank canvas for your masterpiece. All you need is to know how to style it. You are ready to turn all heads with the right amount of embellishments or adornments.  



Traditionally, a saree carries history in its colour, technique, print and pattern. And because sarees are made all around the country, every saree you possess will be unique: Kanchivaram sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, pure cotton sarees, Bandhani sarees, and more. The list is endless. And so are the stories that go into its making. 



PJs and tracksuits have a reputation for being comfortable. Power suits and skirts have a reputation for making you look and feel amazing. But sarees, my friend, have the power to make you look spectacular and make you feel light as a feather. There is a reason why our ancestors stuck to it all their lives. So, go ahead and give sarees a try. 



A white saree, for example, can look simplistic, classy, traditional and even formal. It is no overstatement that women like to express themselves with their clothes. So, when an occasion arises, she wishes to grab the exact things she wants to ensure that she describes herself correctly. The best thing about handloom sarees is that you can have a tiny closet and never run out of the necessary things. 



Modern women look at the world differently and live in a world unknown to the generations before them. In this contemporary world, you may argue that they need clothing that fits the time. But have you tried a saree before? It will command attention in every conference room and help you stay cool on a field day outside. 


Sarees are kinder to your bodies and your environment. What more could you ask? Get your lovely ladies the perfect saree by checking out our eco-conscious collections.

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