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Have you ever noticed how an old pyjama or t-shirt feels much more comfortable? Have you felt discomfort trying to squeeze into your new jeans? Yet, the old and comfortable clothes don't make you feel as good as the new and uncomfortable clothes. We know you are nodding in agreement. What if you could find new fabrics with all the comfort and durability of cloth? Doesn't that sound like a dream? Thankfully, it isn't just a dream. It's a reality that you can live with a handloom saree in your closet. 

Woven by hand over two or three days, handloom sarees are as authentic as Indian traditional attire gets. Women and men in the interiors of India have been weaving handlooms for centuries. People from different regions use different colours, processes and prints to complete a saree. Handloom sarees are now more accessible than ever. You can have these beautiful pieces shipped right to your door with just a button! We can bring the handloom sarees from these artists straight to you.


Handloom saris are known for their comfort. They are soft and light, making them great to wear all day long! Handloom sarees are not only breathable, but they're also skin-friendly and versatile. You can use them every season because these natural fibres offer an extraordinary range of climates to match your needs! Handloom fabrics are so versatile! You'll be able to find a fabric that fits any mood or occasion - from cold winter months when it's necessary for warmth down into summer heat, where lightweight material may provide relief from sunburned shoulders on an overloaded day at work.


The variety and quality come from handloom sarees created over many years by different cultures living there and their traditions! The other regions in India have their own stories imprinted on handmade sarees- each more gorgeous than the last! Handloom sarees are perfect for contemporary women who want to add an element of traditional India into their lives.

The variety is vast - you'll find handlooms with intricate designs or ones that seem more minimalist and chic than anything else!


We all know how it feels when looking at an item and knowing it's just perfect for you, no matter how many others try to buy them. The weavers spend hours crafting each saree to ensure every detail comes through in its most refined form: from distinguished designs with unique patterns or blends of threads or hand embroidery, which can be breathtaking. A single thread or a line could make all the difference. So, you might be one of the rare species who possess an 'only-child' type handloom saree! These handloom sarees are made in harmony with nature, meaning they could last for a lifetime if preserved well. Maybe your next favourite handloom sarees will be the ones that are passed on to future generations. If there were ever something worth buying handmade by artisans who love what they do - this would most likely hit your sweet spot. 


With the advent of power looms, handloom weaving became obsolete. This electrically-run power loom machine could mimic an artisan's movement and produce mass output with little effort; it is believed that a single such device could replace up to 14 weavers! Excessive produce has drastically reduced quality for many artisans who now need your help more than ever. That is why preserving these artisan skills matters more than ever before - if you don't want your children growing up without knowing what true beauty feels like on their skin, then do something NOW before time runs out.

So do YOUR part by purchasing handloom sarees made by these skilled artists (and maybe even give them some money too)! 


You might be surprised to learn that handloom sarees are not just stylish but also eco-friendly. They're made from natural fabrics and often use vegetable dyes which means they won't harm the earth like other fabrics manufactured with polymers! We all want to impact our planet positively, so why not do it through fashion? You'll be doing both with the latest trends. Choose handloom sarees to be your step towards saving our planet while also having an elegant fashion statement that will last season after beautiful season.


Handloom sarees are perfect for those who want to add some personality and flair to their wardrobe. With so many weaving options, you can find one that suits all of your needs without sacrificing style! If you own that friend who is constantly trying out new hairstyles, jewellery and clothes. If you're trying for a way to help them stay afloat in this ever-changing world of fashion, then handloom sarees are what they need! The fabric of the handloom saree is so versatile that it can be styled in different ways for various occasions effortlessly. The colours, cuts and designs are endless with these delicate fabrics!

Want to make your mother proud? Then show off with a saree made by the hands that raised you. Are you wondering where to buy handloom cotton sarees? Please find out more about our legacy handloom collections on our website:

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