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Indigenous, local, national and multi-national labels are born day after day. Fast fashion and its supply are constantly on the rise. And the consumption of fast fashion is borderline unhealthy. Keeping up with the trends could mean excessive, unused clothes and thousands of rupees spent unaccountably. We all like to look lovely and feel good, don’t we? We have all felt retail therapy was right at some point in time. But does that mean there is no sustainable way to be fashionable? If that’s a thought you have been juggling with, we come bearing good news. 

From bell sleeves to wide-bottom pants, we know fashion never really dies. It may go away for a while, but it always makes a comeback. But there has been one piece of clothing that has never really gone away. It has only evolved and continues even today. We’re talking about sarees. You have seen your mother and grandmother wear it and heard stories of their mothers and grandmothers wearing sarees. Have you ever been surprised by what it is about a saree that continues to bind generations of women together? The answer lies in its fabric. Traditionally made using cotton and silk, sarees come from mother earth. And so, they can happily go back to the ground and make sarees sustainable. Moreso, these natural fabrics adorn our bodies and make us look good. The authentic prints, the bright colours, the bold patterns, and everything in between give us a wholesome look. The breathable fabrics make us feel comfortable and prove to be perfectly protected against all weather conditions. Maybe that’s why our ladies never ditched their sarees. And that’s why we need to embrace it too! 

The world has worked hard while confined to four walls for the last few years. The rush and joy of having to wake up, deck up and walk out the doors feeling confident and fresh is a feeling we miss dearly. Having to put on half a suit is no fun. But draping a saree and spending your day in it sounds good. Doesn’t it? You can start shopping or raid your mum’s closet first. How to drape a saree? We can offer help, but you could spark the lost connection as you get your mother to teach after all these years again. Refuse to keep your camera off during work calls and grab attention with every word you speak. Sarees have a way of making you feel confident and at home without any hassle. Modern women are out there to win the world. Make a saree your shield as you continue on your quest. 

A comfortable cotton saree is a good choice for everyday use and when you want to establish your boldness. You can swing on either side of this fashion spectrum by carefully styling it. Chunky silver jewellery with a cotton saree screams fun and bold. Dainty gold jewellery paired with cotton sarees is the ultimate secret to looking classy. Save your silk sarees for special occasions, or wear them to feel luxe or sultry. Denim jacket to a blazer, all goes well with saree. So, unleash your inner fashion stylist and explore a new side to your style with sarees. Find your balance between comfort and elegance with sarees and give your closet an updo. It’s sustainable, it’s stylish, and it’s just perfect!

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